About Us | Mountain Valley New York

We are the distributor of The Mountain Valley in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area and are dedicated to providing our customers with professional service and the highest quality products, including The Mountain Valley Spring Water. The Mountain Valley has been bottling its natural water since 1871 from a pristine spring deep in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.


Nestled in a remote valley surrounded by 2,000 acres of protected forest, The Mountain Valley’s source is the pristine result of a long journey through America’s untamed wilderness. The water coming from the spring today first fell as rain over 3,500 years ago. It has slowly filtered through granite-based aquifers before making its way to the surface. Every drop is unspoiled and premium in a way that no other water on Earth can claim.


The natural geological properties of the surrounding mountains make The Mountain Valley Spring Water unique. It’s sodium-free, naturally ionized, and rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, giving it a remarkably refreshing taste revered by foodies and chefs alike. It was even named the “Best-Tasting Water in the World” – twice – at Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.


As the first to deliver bottled water coast-to-coast, The Mountain Valley is committed to providing America with premium spring water in the most convenient way possible. At Mountain Valley Water of NY, we are proud to have served the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area for more than 100 years. And we make delivery simple. We are your trusted source for The Mountain Valley. So contact us today. It’s the most convenient way possible to enjoy the best-tasting water in the world.